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This page showcases other indie books I have read and reviewed. Please take a moment to browse, I review all genres of fiction and non-fiction, so you may find your next favourite book here!

Bring Inner Greatness Out: Personal Brand By Dr. Mansur Hasib

This is an excellent non-fiction book to help content creators of all kinds promote themselves and their work, as well as helping people better understand the world around them, the system they live in and how to make it work for them. I left a five-star review on Amazon, Audible, and Goodreads. I highly recommend this book.

Buy this book or browse Dr. Mansur Hasib’s other work here:

Unprecedented Times: Book 1 By Lisa Thomas

Another fantastic read. This one is relatable to all and mixes real-life events with well-written fiction. COVID-19 takes centre stage in this five-star sci-fi dystopian work.

The Fallen in Soura Heights By Amanda Jaeger

A dark, mysterious book about a woman who tries to follow her dreams and ends up investigating her husband’s tragic demise, this fictional work will thrill, terrifying and intrigue you. Another five-star read.

The Irish Heirloom by Carole Mondragon

Emotional, moving and intriguing, this fictional tale follows a young woman’s return to her roots and her desire to understand her past… While exploring the romance her present has to offer. With brilliantly real characters, this is another five-star book.

Purchase here, or explore Carole Mondragon’s other work:

God Of Nothing: Book 1 The ALL By Shane Scott

Entirely original, completely thrilling and full of fantastical concepts, Shane Scott’s debut novel is a must-read, five-star rated story following the daughter of God and the Devil as she comes to terms with her past and chooses her own future.

The Perilous Road to Her by N. L Blandford

One woman’s terrible battle to find her lost sister before it’s too late. This is a thrilling but harrowing fictional work from a talented author who brings you real pain from the depths of a fictional character’s heart.

Her Perfect Cup Of Tea by Lavina Serrao

A light, refreshing read, this tale follows a woman with a special love for tea through her daily life. Will she be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of a good cup of tea, or will something disrupt the calm of her life?

Fight for the StarSmasher by Aksel Erzinclioglu

A sci-fi tale with deep moral questions, brutal action scenes and hilarious characters, this book is well worth checking out!

Find this book, the rest of the series, and other works by the same author here:

Black Box By Al James

Entertaining, but realistic. Tackling deep conversations and ideas around politics and technology while keeping the reader engaged with brilliant characters? Not an easy feat, but this book pulls it off wonderfully.

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